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Vertigo in the City

Vertigo in the City – Conversations between the Sciences, Arts & Humanities

A project by Dr Davide Deriu, Department of Architecture, University of Westminster; Professor John Golding, Department of Psychology, University of Westminster; Doctor Josephine Kane, British Academy Post Doctoral Research Fellow – Departure of Architecture, University of Westminster and Professor Brendan Walker, Horizon Centre for Digital Economy Research, University of Nottingham.


University of Westminster

35 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5LS

Friday 29th May – Saturday 30th May, 2015




The Concept

The term vertigo has often been used to describe the maelstrom of the twentieth-century metropolis. But, with new technologies producing ever-higher buildings and ever-faster means of transport, what is the significance of vertigo today? And how can it help us to interpret the physical and mental experience of the contemporary city? Vertigo in the City brings together an eclectic mix of scholars, clinicians and practitioners to share perspectives on vertigo. The multidisciplinary conversations explore how sensations of dizziness and disorientation are diagnosed, analysed, evoked, induced, critiqued and represented, with a particular focus on the built environment.

The Project

Vertigo in the City is an exploratory research project supported by a Wellcome Trust Medical Humanities grant and led by Dr Davide Deriu from the University of Westminster, London.

This six-month project culminates in a two-day event, hosted by the University of Westminster (29-30 May 2015). The public Symposium includes presentations by the multidisciplinary research team and a keynote lecture by Turner-nominated artist Catherine Yass. A knowledge-sharing Workshop the following day brings together invited participants from a broad range of vertigo-related specialisms.





Friday 29th May


Presentations by Davide Deriu, John Golding, Josephine Kane, Brendan Walker and a keynote by artist Catherine Yass.
14:00–18:30, followed by reception





Saturday 30th May


Interdisciplinary knowledge-sharing workshop for invited participants.
Ruth Anderwald, Johanna Beyts, Amy Butt, Emilyn Claid, Karen Gaskill, John Golding, Stephen Graham, Lucinda Grange, Michael Gresty, Jonathan Hale, Natasha Harrington-Benton, Oke Hauser and Max Schwitalla, Catherine James, Richard Koeck, Katie Lloyd Thomas, Philip Oldfield, Holger Schnädelbach, Ricarda Vidal and Christine Wall.

Photo © Davide Deriu

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