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Filming in Tomar

31st of December 2016 – 6th of Jannuary, 2017, Tomar, Coimbra and Lissabon, Portugal.

The Portuguese Manueline mixes aspects of Late Gothic with Renaissance architecture and decoration, revealing influences from Spanish, Italian and Flemish contemporary art, as well as elements borrowed from Islamic tradition. The Manueline architectural style tried to incorporate all the discoveries of the new worlds of that time and within it all the unknown as well. Its symbol was the girdle that encircles the known and unknown alike. Manueline buildings are also often decorated with naturalistic motifs typical of the Age of Discovery, like spiralling motifs that strongly remind of seafaring, e.g. ropes and knotted ropes as used in ships, navigational objects like armillary spheres, as well as a rich array of  vegetal and animal motifs.









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