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Le sas (French)

= Sluice chamber or a “space in between” (where things become compossible and ambiguous). It’s an “interzone”.

Compossibility means here the possible non-separation of opposites, which otherwise would exclude each other; it’s a term that affirms the existence of several mutually contradictory worlds/states and was originally coined by Leibniz (see: https://en.wikipedia.org).

In our interview, François Jullien refers to “sas” in order to describe the moment of transition, “when the already constituted oppositions dissolve themselves because they come back to their fundamental ambiguity, that is their non-separated state” before they come up with new and different determinations.

In the context of this interview, the term did not refer to Leibniz.


– Sea also The unexplained “Rest”.

photo © Anderwald + Grond

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