DIZZINESS — A Resource

Agents of Confusion!

The one-day symposium titled ‘Agents of Confusion!’ brings together artistic and cross-disciplinary research on dizziness, with speakers from the fields of philosophy, visual arts, creativity research and cultural studies in the form of screenings, artists’ talks, lectures and discussions. Read More.

Dizziness — Navigating the Unknown

Can dizziness be a resource? What remains from states of precariousness, uncertainty, disorientation, intoxication or exhilaration? Particularly now, in these times of invocations of global crisis, these questions are more relevant than ever. The exhibition ‘Dizziness. Navigating the Unknown’ locates dizziness in artistic creativity, finding it in situations of unbalance, confusion, disorientation Read More.
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Initiation and Gangster Backstage

Having grown up in Lesotho (his mother is German, his father South African), Teboho Edkins' films are shaped by a search for borders: between belonging and intrusion, between documenting and fictional storytelling, between film and video art. Read More.
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The Power and Myth of Creativity

What is creativity? Which myths are associated with it? This workshop seeks to to shed light on the topic from the viewpoints of art, philosophy and neuroscience. Read More.

Dizziness Is My Name

“As agents of confusion you precede the agents of change”, claims the hermaphrodite being ‘Dizziness’ in Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond’s film. Read More.

Vivian Ostrovsky
Ruth Gadish

"DizzyMess" is a 4-channel immersive soundscape and video installation which will be shown at the upcoming FUSO video-art festival in Lisbon. Read More.
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Horizon in Motion

The photo installation “Horizon in Motion” by Anderwald + Grond on the glass façade of the CCA, Congress Centre Alpbach plays with the figur of Atlas. Read More.
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Navigating the Unknown – Fears and Pleasures of Dizziness

A three-day programme with Austrian, Swiss, British, American, Danish, German, and Israeli artists and scientists at the CCA – Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv. 'Dizziness' is a condition of the body and/or the mind indicating a deviation from what has been so far conceived as normal or usual. As a condition, 'Dizziness' forces a re-rearrangement of the current navigational system. But how does one navigate the unknown? Read More.

Arts-based Research Day 2016

Five arts-based research projcets taking place at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna will be presented and discussed. Kerstin Mey from University of Westminster and member of the Austria Science Board will give the keynote at the end of the day. Read More.
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Young Science

Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond take Dizziness–A Resource to the classroom. Read More.
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Vertigo in the City

Vertigo in the City brings together an eclectic mix of scholars, clinicians, practitioners and artists to share perspectives on vertigo. The multidisciplinary conversations explore how sensations of dizziness and disorientation are diagnosed, analysed, evoked, induced, critiqued and represented, with a particular focus on the built environment. Read More.
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Taumel – Navigating in the Unknown

The process of slipping into dizzying freefall, of sliding into uncertainty, becoming stuck, losing one’s way, giving up are as much actions as occurrences, both active and passive. Dizziness is a midway state at the point where everything and nothing seems possible, where certainty and uncertainty are in superposition, marked by an increasing loss of control. Read More.
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Taumel – On the Borders of the Unknown

The end of the extent of our knowledge defines the borders of our world as we know it. Since the concept of the world as a plate, right up to the discovery of the existence of dark matter, this has not changed. Read More.
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Taumel – The Pleasures and the Fears of Being Dizzy

The workshop will shed new light on disorientation and on how film artists throughout history use (optical) disorientation and confusion as a paradigm in their work. What can be gained by losing one’s grip, by simply letting go? What pictures arise with dizziness? Read More.
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Instruction for Use

The contribution of Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond to the cross-genre project “Instruction for Use” shows first visual findings of their occupation with dizziness/Taumel. Read More.
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What Would Seeing Be Without Us?

Film screening at mumok cinema, Vienna (AT): Together with Gareth Evans, film curator at Whitechapel Gallery, London, the artist duo Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond took a look at both visual and narrative perspectives. Read More.
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