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Future Laboratory of Youth Work

9th – 10th October 2017

FORUM 20:17
Hub 37 – Soziale Neztwerkstelle
Otto-Huber-Straße 37
I-39012 Meran


German only

The FORUM 20:17 wants to bring up the social and cultural change of the global societies and the associated need for orientation of young people in the new form of a future laboratory as well as the associated need for shaping open and associative youth work. This should facilitate the development of sustainable positions.
Participants invited are decision-makers and heads of institutions of youth work in Austria and South Tyrol.


→ Gerald Koller, Forum Lebensqualität Österreich

→ Martin Schenk, Co-founder of Poverty Conference

→ Ruth Anderwald, artistic researcher

→ Martin Schuster, mayor of Perchtoldsdorf

→ buero bauer, design studio for visual communcication

→ Beate Winkler, artist and human rights activist

→ Hermann Gams, Dream Academia



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