DIZZINESS — A Resource

The Main Award is inclusion of the artwork in an international group exhibition at Kunsthaus Graz.

Winner of the Art Competition
‘Living in a Dizzying World’

The Main Award is inclusion of the artwork in an international group exhibition based on the theme Dizziness–A Resource, (9th February – 7th May 2017) at Kunsthaus Graz, Space02, curated by Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond and Katrin Bucher-Trantow. The 2nd to 4th prizes will see the works presented at an artist’s lecture at Kunsthaus Graz.
Participants: 34 artists/artist groups (Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA)


1st place: Viktor Landström, Sebastian Wahlforss, Fractal Crisis, 2016, Malmö


Fractal Crisis_videostill2


2nd place: Victoria Schmid, W O W, 2016, Vienna



3rd place: Michaela Schwentner, Speed of Life, 2016, Vienna

michaela schwentner_speed of life_05_kl


4th place: Brandon Walley, Vestibular Variable, 2016, Detroit



5th place: Heth Samantha, Untitled 2, 2016, Philadelphia



6th place: Michael Heindl, West – East, 2016, Vienna



7th place: Andreas Mürzl, Jasmin Stadler, Elena Zaunschirm, How happy I was if I could forget, 2016, Graz



8th place: Alexander Trausner, The dizzy Tiki, 2016, Vienna



9th place: Gwendolyn Thomas, Elevator Music, 2016, Amsterdam



10th place (ex æquo): Shireen von Schulthess, The Lifejacket – The Change of a Symbol – Turn and Face the Strange, 2016, Rifferswill



10th place (ex æquo): Skalar Siegmund, Der Tunnel, 2016, Vienna





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video still © Viktor Landström, Sebastian Wahlforss