DIZZINESS — A Resource

Dizziness—A Resource:
Dizziness and the Compossible Space
in Research-Creation

‘Dizziness’ implies notions of physical and emotional disequilibrium, staggering, confusion, uncertainty, and turmoil. This article discusses dizziness as a possible resource for creativity including the concept of the ‘compossible space’. Read More.

Scott Evans
Staggering Through Tragedy

If one notes the amount of staggering performed or stammered by characters in Waiting for Godot, it can be quite surprising. In fact, few plays contain characters that spend as much time stumbling or tottering about the stage. It is almost as if they are sailors in the midst of a violent squall, but this is not the case. Read More.
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Agents of Confusion!

These are the recordings of our one-day symposium, that brought together artistic and cross-disciplinary research on dizziness, with speakers from the fields of philosophy, visual arts, creativity research, psychbiology, medicine, architecture and cultural studies in the form of screenings, artists’ talks, lectures and discussions. Read More.

Robert Prosser
Dizzy on Stage.
Trance in Anthropology and Practice

It's one thing to write a text, but another to read it out loud and in front of an audience, where one becomes vulnerable. On the other hand, through this act of reaching out, potentially, it touches people more directly than through the written word. Voice is limited to a place, at a specific time. It's intimate: one speaks, the other listens. Read More.
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Kathrin Wojtowicz
Distraction as a Landing Net?
Notes on the Potential of the Amusement Park

So the bright colors and the multifariousness of the Prater attractions were simply there to be used as a physical means to make something that always seemed new available to the visitors using them – human beings, children, and adults alike – something that always seemed new to them as they clambered down from them or came out of them, even if they were just the same old rides. Read More.
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