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wien modern, Semperdepot, Vienna (AT)
Wednesday November 19, 2014

The cross-genre project Gebrauchsanweisungen (Instructions for Use) invites film/video artists and composers to collaborate with the chamber music ensemble ascolta. The project is based on “contraintes”, a concept proposed by the international writers’ group Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle (1960s), which challenges the artist to comply with rigid structural limitations and rules for conceiving and developing an artwork. Gebrauchsanweisungen takes this idea a step further and combines it with elements of game theory. Each of the participants is involved in developing the work, but nobody possesses all the necessary information. Moreover, the musicians are not only the performers, but participate in the work’s development and dramaturgy, and thereby set the rules of the game themselves. Instead of applying the convention of performing the score for a film or adding footage to an existing piece of music, the project aims to closely intertwine the music and the film/video works, developing them at the same time. The participating composers and film/video artists come from several European countries and bring with them broad stylistic diversity combined with a penchant for cross-genre work.

Ensemble ascolta, Ensemble
Enno Poppe, Conductor

Neele Hülcker, Zu spät für das Privatleben, 2013-2014
Malte Giesen, Tu m, 2013-2014
Clemens Gadenstätter, les cris des lumières, 2013-2014
Benjamin Schweitzer, Before I Sleep, 2013-2014

Astrid S. Klein, Disparaître dans la nature, Fragments I, 2014
Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond, Ohne Worte (Gespenster und Steinobst), 2014
Daniel Kötter, Momentaufnahmen, 2014
Lillevan, Partitur und Partikel, 2014

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