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History in Between

The project for Haus der Geschichte Österreich (House of Austrian History) encompasses a photo series, a series of short videos and texts. Following the construction process for the new museums’ space in the historical backdrop of Neue Burg, the last Emperor’s quarters, later used as make-shift hospital, administration building, archive, collection- and museum space. In these historical surroundings, questions of how Austrians were governed, how they want to be governed, and how they do not want to be governed arise naturally. In fact, they have never lost their currency and relevance. As the photographs follow the construction work closely, the videos look at this process from a distance, taking into account in the conflicts, controversies and expectations that surround this museum since its first conception in 1918.


The eggs speak up, 2018 © Anderwald + Grond


Between History
An Artistic Construction Site Inspection

published by Monika Sommer
Texts: Nina Schedlmayer, Oliver Rathkolb, Irene Pitnauer-Wofram, Monika Sommer, Ruth Anderwald+ Leonhard Grond

House of Austrian History
Austrian National Library
ISBN 978-3-01-000045-1

Interview with Anderwald + Grond



© Anderwald + Grond

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